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Your Custom Timberframe Home

Your Custom Timberframe Home

When you want the last home you’ll ever buy, you want a custom timber frame home. Meticulously designed by experienced designers and skilled craftsman, Timbercraft custom timber frame homes are Built for Life and provide architecture that cannot be achieved through other styles of construction.

The distinctive design of timber frame homes comes from the usage of unique joinery and large, heavy timber that sets it apart from other modern buildings. Instead of screws and nails, the framework of your home is connected with precision-crafted pieces that are mortised to fit tenons and held secure with wooden pegs.

Timber frame homes aren’t just built to last a lifetime, they’re built to span generations of your family. This makes them ideal for a home that’s truly yours or the vacation retreat of your dreams.

Hybrid Timber Frame Home

A hybrid timber frame home may be a better option to fit your budget. Unlike full frame homes, hybrids use timber framing techniques only in the most important rooms of your home. This can include sections like your kitchen, great room, master bedroom and more.

Elsewhere in your hybrid, more conventional construction methods can be used. This lets you enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of a timber frame home, while reducing the overall costs associated with the design and construction.

Full Timber Frame Home

A full frame home is built with the techniques of timber framing from end-to-end. Every square foot of your full timber frame home will utilize this centuries-old technique to stand against the elements and provide you with a beautiful home to call your own. An open floor plan with large, vaulted ceilings gives you the freedom to stretch your legs and customize the interior to the fullest.